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Area mountain bikers creating, maintaining and enjoying single track in the Allegheny and Chautauqua Region

Welcome Mountain Bikers

NAMBA is the region's mountain bike club working with land managers, community organizations, bike shops and riders to promote, support and enjoy the areas trail systems.

We encourage you to contact us if you are new to the sport,thinking of getting back on the bike or simply looking of some places to ride. We have weekly rides through April to November (weather permitting). And we even have some diehards that won't let a bit of snow stop them.

We have a number of trail construction and maintenance projects in the works, the Jake's Rocks Project is currently in the planning stages with over 35 miles of intermediate and advanced single track flagged. The Harris Hill Ext. project will be adding another 6 miles up in Chautauqua County this summer. As well as a number of other projects.


What's  going on...

4/21/12 The section of Tanbark Trail north of the Heart's Content Rd has been cleared of downed trees. A big thank you goes to "Chainsaw Certified" Mike Zobrest and Bill Massa for their time and efforts. (see photo gallery) We hope to tackle the South side of Heart's Content Rd. this Wednesday evening in conjunction with Allegheny Cyclery's trail work day.


4/2/12 NAMBA is now an Offical Chapter Club of IMBA... Look for some links and swag opportunities here soon...


Harris Hill Ext is open.... but.... please consider weather conditions before riding, general rule, if it rained more than 5 hours, let a dry day pass before riding,  unless you have worked a trail day, you have no idea how much work goes into addressing issues from inconsiderate riders...



April meeting of NAMBA will be at the end of this month, (TBA). likely a ride at Harris Hill, followed by a meeting back at the Wright's house for food and planning...  More info coming soon..

1/24/12 There are still group rides going, mainly on fire roads and back roads around Sugar Grove, PA.  If it is something you are interested in, let us know..


12/19/11 a few of us are still riding, went out to West Overland Trail yesterday, an inch of snow, and some interesting riding.. who would have thought we are a week before Christmas.. if the ground ever freezes and the snow stays light, will likey have some winter rides out on the extension. planning for Dec. 26th. if the temp plays nice.


11/18/11, Riding on the extension is pretty much over for the year, if things freeze up without much snow, sure...   but from tomorrow and the next two weeks, hunting season will be at it's prime, so do yourself a favor, just ride the roads.



10/30/11 ok, season is almost over, double check here or on facebook regarding conditions, we are trying to keep the leaf situation handled. but it is really wet, please don't ride.. good things to come.. it looks like the new ravine trail could total close to 6 miles.. we plan to start that in the Spring.  would welcome anyone out on a trail day.  until then grab some cross country skis or snow shoes and head out...



8/14/11- trails are in great shape, more folks coming in from other areas to ride. You will begin to notice trail makers and signs going up. starting to flag the potential 3 mile loop across the ravine. let us know if you want to try some trail work. tw


8/4/11  IMBA's MidAtlantic Regional Director Frank Maguire stopped by the extension for an afternoon ride before

his meeting with some of the NAMBA folk...

By the way, if you are not a NAMBA member, please consider it, not much cost, but certainly helps guarantee local 

riding in the area..





also please take note--- Aug 20th Saturday.... there will be the annual horse trail ride, part of their route takes them through Harris Hill Ext.  (the white trail on map).  I encourage everyone to find somewhere else to ride that day, 9am-4pm...

give them their space for the day....


7/30/11.. the new green return will be open by Aug. 2nd. I will get the map up to date and the color flagging... for those of you wondering, now the green and orange trails will not share the run back to the clearing.

Folks have been heading out each Thursday night at 5:30 and 6:30.  come on out for a fun time.

The next work effort is likely to be the ravine trail. flagging is starting, so for now trail work volunteers should just ride their hearts out.


Caution- it is likley that within the next few weeks the local horse club will be having their annual ride which takes them through the area. Once I know the date, I will post it up. and I urge that for that day you take your trail riding elsewhere.



7/15/11 still fantastic conditions, thursday night ride had 11 people.  and it looks like we will be able to get the new green return open perhaps by this weekend...  will update the map/brochure when that happens..

if you have any interest in helping out, get a hold of me  tw


7/9/11 get out and ride.... fantastic conditions, we are having thursday group rides at 6:30.... keep up to date here or on facebook...


thanks to a dedicated group of workers, we are looking on track to open the new green return by end of July...



6/29/11 even with the sporadic rain, trails are fine to ride. we have been trying to combat some of the grass and thorny growth.  if you come across an area we have missed. let us know.


6/9/11 Trails are great, turn off the computer and get on your bike.



6/1/11, ok, finally the sun is out. ride, ride, ride. there is a section of the blue loop near 3 on the map that has a few "work in progress" water diversions happening.. but you can get by them.

 Once these are done, trail work days will be devoted to completing the green return loop.  if you are interested, keep checking here or facebook.


5/13/11, this last week has been great at Harris Hill, glad to see some new faces enjoying the trails... please sign up to follow news, trail days and yes,,, at times even trail closings...

 with this ugly wet weather the next few days,, hopefully it won't impact things too bad... but please always be


 5/1/11, still raining, so of course it is wet, but give us two days in a row of no significant rain, and I think we can consider the trails open for business.  On Saturday Kevin and I worked on the log causeway on the orange loop at #6...  if you don't know where that it, be sure to print out a new map below..

there will be upcoming trail work days, I will post them here and also on the facebook page..


If you are looking for something to do May 6th, head down to e'vlle for the IMBA trail training.. in am, get some education on how to maintain sustainable trials, and in afternoon get dirty helping out on the Mesa Trail...



4/27/11  Still wet out there, trail work day this coming Saturday, check calendar for info... will be ride ready soon, please,, no more rain. tw



4/14/11, snow is gone, the trail tread is firming up well, I suggest staying off it till after the weekend.. that is also taking the upcoming rain forecast into account.  work has begun on some of the trouble spots, as well as clearing the tread of leaves to allow for quicker drying..

will post work days soon.



4/4/11  still snow, take a look at the recent pics.. hopefully with this rain and warmer weather this week, the snow will dwindle... I will be starting to scout the area for what needs to be worked on, as well as the finishing routes on the loops. send me an email if you are at all interested... will try to post some actual trail work days



3/20/11  there is still a lot of snow up there,, even when it is gone, please, do not ride on it until you see on here that it is ok.. it takes a good amount of drying to prevent damage, the clay soil needs the chance to solidify,, if you ride before it does, you are making

Some reworking of returns for the green and blue loop may increase the mileage up to 7.5 or so, but that only exists on paper... Once Spring hits, we hope to start maintenance and the new returns.. email us if you are interested in helping.



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